• Rural Care

    Rural Care
    We participate in the RuralCare project from the GIR of the Department of Psychology, together with other departments, university and technological institutes participated by the University of Valladolid. RuralCare is a European innovation project in social services consisting of the design, testing and evaluation of an innovative systemic approach, for the provision of integrated long-term ...
  • Growing in Nepal

    Growing in Nepal
    We collaborate with the Association ‘Growing in Nepal’, a non-profit organization, based in various Spanish cities, which supports the work of the Poor & Helpless Girls Home, a shelter located in the city of Kathmandu (Nepal) in the that twenty-five girls are given shelter, maintenance and access to education, with the fundamental aim of being ...
  • cina

    We collaborate with the CINA Lab Group, which aims to design assessment tools for attention in children and adults. Working on the development of different tests in digital version that include eye tracking devices for the quantification of the information obtained, studies are being carried out to evaluate the differences that result between the use ...
  • working day

    working day
    In 2019, we celebrated the 1st Conference on Neuroeducation at the Faculty of Education of the University of Valladolid, with the following presentations: